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Words of appreciation from some of our satistified clients:

"I was contacted by my Long Term Disability provider that my payments were being discontinued, so I started searching for an attorney to handle my case. . . [O]ne of the attorneys I contacted gave me the name of Jeffrey C. Metzger.

"When I made that first call, Jeff quickly put me at ease by answering all of my questions.  I was very emotional during that conversation, partly due to the situation I as in and partly due to my medical condition.  Jeff was very kind and understanding with me, not only on that first day, but throughout all of my conversations with him.  Since I cannot drive, I was not able to meet with Jeff in person, but he was very accommodating and arrange to meet through Face Time.

"Jeff’s staff was also very kind and understanding.  I was kept informed every step along the way, so I always felt that I had the most up-to-date information.  . .

"I am so thankful for Jeff’s patience with me and his willingness to work around my limitations.  He was diligent with my case, which resulted in a successful appeal.  My Long Term Disability payments have been reinstated without having to go to court.

"I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone needing legal assistance.  He treated me with such kindness and handled my case with such professionalism that I knew I was in good hands.  I would not hesitate to refer others to the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Metzger."

Pennie P.


"The Law Offices of Jeffrey Metzger completed my long-term disability case seamlessly and with little effort on my part.  This is so important to me as, due to my disability, even the smallest tasks take a great deal of effort.  Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful.  The firm always responds to legal requests related to my case in a timely and efficient manner.

"It gives me peace of mind to know I have a great law firm, The Law Offices of Jeffrey Metzger, taking care of business with my best interests in mind."

Jacque I.


"My husband and I could not be represented by a better strategic partner. Jeff Metzger is articulate, detailed oriented and an excellent communicator. Jeff took on our 3 year old case. Right from the very beginning Jeff seamlessly put together a strategy and plan that led us to a favorable court decision. He continues to tirelessly deal with the intricacies of our case. We are truly thankful for having such an incredible attorney. I would highly recommend Jeff Metzger."

Christine L.


"Jeff Metzger,

"Thank you for your vigorous representation of my disability case.  I wish I had not needed a lawyer, but I’m glad I chose the Metzger law offices. 

"You and your team and staff were dedicated to my case by promptly returning phone calls, answering questions, providing insight and expertise relevant to my individual case, updating the status of the progress, and relieving general anxiety during the entire process.

"I would highly recommend you and the Metzger to friends and family. Thank-you again for your 30+ years of experience, expertise and dedication to your clients to obtain the best possible outcome for each case.

"Best Wishes, ~J from Orange County"